Technical Consultancy Service in Quality Systems

Technical Consultancy Service in Quality Systems

The implementation of a Quality Management System involves a series of coordinated activities which are applied to a set of elements (resources, procedures, documents, organizational structure and strategies) to achieve the quality of the products or services offered to the client. That is to say, plan, monitor, and improve those elements of an organization which have an influence on client satisfaction and the achievement of the results required by the organization.

In the case of testing laboratories, the ISO 17025 establishes the general requisites to demonstrate their technical competence, with the accreditation according to this standard being a formal recognition of that competence.

The implementation and maintenance of a Quality System based on a standard such as ISO 17025 requires some very specific knowledge, practical experience, and an investment in human resources and time. Furthermore, also economic funding, that in many cases means that the support of a specialized consultancy allows a drastic optimization of the implementation process, with a reduction of the associated costs.

Based on our experience in the implementation of quality systems for testing laboratories, we can offer you the necessary specialized technical advice to design, document, implement and maintain a Quality Management System, adapting the offer to your needs.


  • Improved image of the products and/or services offered. Encourages development and strengthens position
  • Win market share and reach exterior markets due to the trust and confidence generated between the clients and the consumers
  • Securing the corresponding certification / accreditation
  • Realization of periodic internal and external audits, giving a point of reference to maintain competitiveness
  • External recognition, which gives access to new clients


  • Increase in client confidence and satisfaction
  • Eliminate multiple audits with the corresponding saving in costs Reach quality agreements negotiated with clients
  • Control of all those activities which affect the characteristics of quality required by the clients


  • Serves as a means to maintain and improve efficiency and suitability of the Quality Management System, as areas for improvement are highlighted
  • Gives a firm foundation to quality management and stimulates the business to enter into a process of continuous improvement.
  • Optimization of resources management
  • Detection of non-conformities in the system, and establishment of the pertinent corrective measures, as well as prevention of potential errors which could affect it
  • Availability of qualified personnel, skilled in management and techniques, which allows continuous improvement, achieving the objectives of the laboratory
  • Reduction of risks, as it allows the laboratory to check if the work is being carried out correctly
  • Implication of all the laboratory personnel in the compliance with the requirements of the client
  • Continuous development of the qualifications of the personnel by means of training plans, and evaluation of the training efficiency
  • Increase in general productivity and costs savings:
    • Clear identification and revision of the client requirements
    • Standards and documentation updated and rapidly accessible.
    • Reduction in the repetitions of calibrations and/or tests
    • Improved qualifications of the staff
    • Reduction in management errors
    • Follow-up with consequent reduction of complaints and claims from clients.
    • Continuous evaluation of suppliers
    • Able to carry out certain analyses, which by law require accreditation according to ISO 17025


  • Design and global implementation ot the ISO 17025.
  • Development, validation and implementation of testing methods.
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation.
  • Design of new laboratories, purchase of equipment and renewable materials, evaluation of providers.
  • Design and management of internal quality control.
  • Design and organization of made-to-measure Proficiency Testing Schemes.
  • Audits (situation diagnosis, monitoring…)
  • Evaluation, monitoring and documentation of the analytical efficiency of the laboratory (control graphics, corrective measures, …)
  • Metrological Assessment (calibration of equipment, uncertainty calculations, …)
  • Implementation of a specialized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).


  • Organization of inter-collaborative studies.
  • Design, evaluation and validation of new commercial methods, equipments and analytical systems.
  • Market studies.
  • Industrialization of diagnostic systems.
  • Tailoring of the service to the needs of the client.
  • Modules Basic, Advanced, Professional and Integral.
  • Personalized planning of the Consultancy
  • Global Services. Availability of a complete range of services and products related to quality control (Consultancy, Proficiency Testing Schemes, Reference Materials, …)
  • Cost savings. Using a globalized quality management, allows us to optimize resources and thus reduce implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Reliability. ielab holds all the certifications and accreditations wich guarantee the technical credibility of all the products and services offered.
  • Assistance. Personalized continuous technical support, adapted to the needs and requirements.
  • Professionalism. Integration of new information, and constant optimization of our management processes alows us to continuously improve, and so offer our clients the highest level of service.
  • Technical Experience. Broad range of experience in quality control in testing laboratories.

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