Continuous Flow Integrative Sampling (CFIS)

A new device for control of water pollution.


Continuous flow integrative sampler (CFIS) is a new immersible device, for water samples, that permits to obtain TIME WEIGTHED AVERAGE CONCENTRATIONS (TWAC) of several pollutants.




The device consists in a peristaltic pump that impulses the water through all the system. The water crosses a stainless steel cell, where a sorbent is placed and the pollutants in the soluble fraction are trapped. The sample also crosses a glass-wool filter where the particulates were retained. After the sampling period, from 1 to 21 days, the sorbent and the filters can be analyzed by means of the classical chromatography techniques in the laboratory and determine the TOTAL AVERAGE CONCENTRATION (soluble and particulate fraction).

An electronic board controls all the process and some data as temperature, flow, voltage and batteries capacity are saved in a micro-SD card.

For each sampling configurations, different parameters, as sampling time, flow, water volume filtered…, can be programmed previously with a straightforward software incorporated in the micro-SD card.


  • Low cost, small dimensions and easy to use.
  • CFIS is the unique device that permits the analysis of TOTAL AVERAGE CONCENTRATIONS (particulate and soluble fractions).
  • Time weighted average concentrations (TWAC) totally independents of some environmental factors as turbulences, bio-films and temperature.
  • Very good sensitivity (LOD near to pg/L).
  • Because no membrane is present, lag time values can be considered as negligible and is possible detect spots spillages.
  • Different sorbents can be installed inside the cell increasing the range of applications to polar, non-polar and volatile organic compounds.


Water Sampling of: Continental water, Marine water, Drinking water and waste water, Waste water treatment plants (WWTP), Drinking water treatment plants (DWTP).


Environmental consultants, Environmental laboratories, Several types of industries, Public water suppliers, Wastewater managing companies.