Proficiency Testing

Participation in interlaboratory test comparisons is a tool that testing laboratories can use with different objectives:

Evaluating the skills of the personnel

Characteristics of test methods

Assigning values ​​to reference materials

Demonstrating the reliability of the data they produce


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ielab is the first Producer of Reference Material in Spain, accredited by ENAC according to ISO 17034. A reference material, according to ISO GUIDE 30, has one or more properties certified by a technically valid procedure and carried out by an organization competent

Material available in different formats and concentration ranges

ielab has accreditation according to ISO 17034 as producer

Strains employed traceable to different Type Culture Collections

Minimal contamination risks, given that manipulations are minimized


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Molecular Diagnostic

qPCR kits for rapid and specific analysis of waterborne pathogens. New lyophilized format with multiple advantages, and new tools for the fast and easy validation of the method.

Freeze-dried format, ready for use

They are accompanied with DNA at the appropriate concentrations to build the calibration curve

Shelf life of up to two years

New tools for the fast and easy validation of the method


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We are leader as a provider of products and services for quality.

ielab is company with an international scope, dedicated to the provision of services and products for the application of quality in testing laboratories. Having the quality, independence and response to technological needs that have emerged in the exercise of our work as our main references, we have been adapting our resources and expanding our services in a constant evolution. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is demonstrated by the ISO 9001 certification of all our activities, with the accreditation according to the ISO 17043 standard as a Proficiency Testing Schemes provider and with the accreditation according to the ISO 17034 standard as a Producer of Reference Materials.

Committed to quality

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