Microbiological Reference Material

Properties of the microbiological reference material

The ielab microbiological reference materials have been developed through our R+D+i Department and are quantified by certification tests performed by laboratories accredited by ENAC according to the norm EN ISO/IEC 17025.

For the production of these materials, the established under standard ISO GUIDE 34 and document ILAC-G -12:2000 are followed. These indicate the general requirements for all the producers of reference materials.

ielab has obtained the accreditation as a Reference Material Producer for the products BACredi, following ISO 17034 standard, with file number 01/PMR001. You can find further information about the BACredi products in our Reference Materials catalogue. 

All supplied material comes accompanied with a Quick User Guide, and with the corresponding Certificate of Analysis.

Advantages of the microbiological reference material: +info


The preparation of the material is extremely simple, as the presentation is in tablet form (except for BACuanti-DNA) and is supplied in an easy-to-use sterile plastic device, or in individual vials, avoiding the need for awkward, complicated manipulation.

Quick: It takes only 3 steps and 10 minutes, to have ready bacterial suspensions of a known count.

Easy storage: In a conventional freezer.

Safe: There is no risk of contamination, as manipulation is reduced to the minimum.

Traceable: The used strains are traceable to different Type Culture Collections, and can be shown to be no more than two steps from the original strain.

Known concentration: The existing concentration of the material is certified.

Flexible: There are different formats for diverse microorganisms, at various concentration ranges.

Service: Apart from the species available from stock, there is the possibility of preparing reference material for whatever microorganism might be required and at a concentration predefined by the client.

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