Participation in proficiency testing schemes is a useful tool for testing laboratories to achieve different objectives, such as assessing personnel skills, analysing the differences between testing methods, assigning values to reference materials and, of course, demonstrating the consistency of the data produced through said tests.

It is essential for clients to have the confidence that the testing laboratory can systematically produce reliable results and, therefore, accreditation bodies require the regular and satisfactory participation of testing laboratories in proficiency testing schemes. To this respect, the ISO/IEC standard 17025 establishes a requirement, whereby laboratories can only be accredited if they take part in proficiency testing schemes, provided there are suitable programmes.

Resorting to accredited suppliers of Proficiency Testing Schemes brings major benefits to laboratories, the most important being the fact that assessment is carried out by professional experts with proven competence, which consequently contributes to a marked increase of the level of confidence in the results produced.

ielab is accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC in Spanish), with accreditation no. 2/PPI007, to carry out proficiency tests in laboratories following ISO/IEC standard 17043 and guide CGA-ENAC-PPI.

The international ielab Proficiency Tests are a prestigious tool in order to assess, compare and improve the quality of the results obtained by chemical, microbiological and environmental labs. There are numerous advantages for labs that take part in ielab proficiency tests. ielab advantages”

¿Why take part in Proficiency Tests organised by ielab?

  • The statistical analyses applied are very significant given the high number of participants, with over 1200 participants from 53 countries worldwide in 2015.
  • As a supplier accredited by ENAC in compliance with ISO/IEC standard 17043, the fulfilment of the requirements established by said standard is guaranteed.
  • Several different Tests can be accessed through one single provider.
  • Fast test results.
  • Specialised technical support team available with extensive experience in quality control.
  • Capacity for service and improvement, adapting our offer to participants’ needs, by introducing new tools and systems that can improve and update the services offered.
  • Possibility of benefitting from the general advantages resulting from systematically participating in Proficiency Tests, which are described in the G-ENAC-14 “Guide on Proficiency Testing participation”:
    • Possibility of comparing results with other laboratories and analysing the different analytical methods used by labs so as to improve said methods.
    • Proficiency tests increase and maintain clients’ trust in the laboratory’s technical expertise.
    • Laboratory controls applied to analytical procedures are more frequent and become more objective and independent.
    • Proficiency tests are a useful tool for developing staff’s technical skills, as well as for enhancing and improving their qualifications.
    • Through proficiency tests, the initial validation of methods can be correctly confirmed by comparing the accuracy and precision results to those obtained from the validation.
    • Results obtained can be used in order to validate measurement methods.
    • Systematic errors resulting from the measurement method can be detected.
    • PTs enable the monitoring of accuracy and precision of the method used.
    • PTs enhance cooperation and the sharing of experiences between laboratories.

ielab offers a wide range of Proficiency Tests that are available under section "Proficiency Tests". Registration can be completed through the following link “Proficiency Test Registration”. If you have any further question regarding the registration process, please consult our "ielab PTS Registration Guide", or contact us through our e-mail address