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management (1)
Potable water
Potable Water: Physical-chemical A - 2019
Potable Water: Physical-chemical B - 2019
Potable Water: Phisycal-chemical C - 2019
Potable Water: Microbiology - 2019
Continental water
Continental Water: Microbiology - 2019
Raw Water - 2019
Waste water
Waste Water: Physical-chemical - 2019
Waste Water: Microbiology - 2019
Reclaimed Water - 2019
Sea water
Sea Water - 2019
Atmospheric pollution
Stack Emissions - 2019
Sludges: Physical-chemical - 2019
Sludges: Microbiology - 2019
Soils: Physical-chemical - 2019
Solids in Waste Water - 2019
Legionella Culture - 2019
Legionella PCR - 2019
Bacteriophages - 2019
Bottled water
Bottled Water: Microbiology - 2019
Swimming pool water
Swimming Pool Water: Microbiology - 2019
In situ Analysis and Sampling
In situ analysis and Sampling: Physical-chemical (Alicante)
In situ analysis: Physical-chemical (Madrid)
Sampling: Microbiology (Alicante)

“(1) The document management means that results will be sent to ielab by fax (or post) and that the final reports are posted by registered mail”.

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