Proficiency Testing Schemes

Participation in proficiency testing schemes is a useful tool for testing laboratories to achieve different objectives, such as assessing personnel skills, analysing the differences between testing methods, assigning values to reference materials and, of course, demonstrating the consistency of the data produced through said tests.

Reference Material 

ielab is the first Reference Material Producer accredited in Spain, following ISO Guide 34.

A reference material, according to the definition given in ISO GUIDE 30, is a substance or material in which one or more of its properties has a value sufficiently homogenous and well established to be used for the calibration of an apparatus, or the evaluation of a measurement,...                                             

Molecular Diagnostic Kits

qPCR kits for a fast and specific analysis of waterborne pathogens, in a freeze-dried format with numerous advantages, and new tools for an easy method validation.


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2017 Proficiency Testing Schemes Final Meeting took place last November 28th.

Results obtained throughout the year in the different rounds and schemes were reviewed in detail, sharing the participants their comments and suggestions. Besides, attendees could enjoy various presentations of leading experts in quality control in laboratories. You can find these presentations accessing to your profile on our website, in the following section of the main menu: General / Documents. 

ielab concludes 2017 PTS season with the successful celebration of the annual Final Meeting, opening the registration campaign for 2018 proficiency testing schemes.


Last October 31th took place in ENAC headquarters the formation meeting of the Proficiency Testing Schemes Advisory Technical Committee.

This committee, formed as an initiative promoted by ENAC, aims to advise this organization on technical matters regarding the accreditation of proficiency testing schemes providers.

ielab, a proficiency testing schemes provider with more than 20 years’ experience in the environmental field, and accredited in accordance with ISO 17043 standard, has become part of this committee.   


ielab, as a member of Eurachem-PT WG Group, participated in the 9th International Workshop - Proficiency Testing in Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology and Laboratory Medicine that took place in Portorož, Slovenia, last 9th - 12th October 2017, organized by the Eurachem Proficiency Testing Working Group in association with EQALM and CITAC. The event counted on the participation of 200 delegates, coming from 53 countries.

Important topics were discussed during the workshop, such as the changes to PT/EQA schemes in developing countries over the last ten years, the importance of interpretative PT/EQA schemes, the implementation of ISO/IEC 17043 standard for sampling PT/EQA schemes, the experience of the implementation of EA-4/18 and the use and treatment of measurement uncertainty in PT/EQA schemes.

ielab took part in the workshop with two lectures about the importance of interpretative PT/EQA schemes and the calculation of the standard deviation for proficiency assessment (SDPA).